Thursday, 28 March 2013

Leek Sausages

This meal is extraordinary for me.
My hubby and I love it. Instead of frying nuggets, I make this and its mouth watering.
I will add the picture next time as me and my hubby ate all before taking picture. :)


150g of breadcrumb
100g of grated cheese
1 leek (sliced thinly)
2 eggs
milk (optional)
mustard seeds
all purpose flour
black pepper


1. In a large bowl, mix well breadcrumb, cheese, leek, mustard seeds, salt & black pepper.
2. Separate the egg yolk and white. 
3. Beat in egg yolk into mixture. You may also  use milk to gather together the mixture.
4. Divide the mixture and shape into sausages. Cover and leave in the refrigator for 1 hour.
5. After an hour, heat up oil for deep fry. Meanwhile, coat the sausages with egg white (which is
    lightly whisked) followed by flour.
6. Cook till crispy and brown.Lift out, drain on kitchen paper and serve immediately.

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