Monday, 25 September 2017


 Watched it yesterday as my birthday treat from TGV. It feels good to get two free ticket, one popcorn and a drink. It was so difficult to slot time to watch this movie, but manage to do so.
Didn't regret of watching it thou. I luv the always smiling and resilient character she has . She was so blunt and alwz pick her self up and find her own way to solve her issue. She doesn't ask for help from outsider. Even from her dad, she lies. In Malay they say, mau jaga muka.  There are few teaching which I got to know is gambling is never a solution for finance. Stay away from it. At the beginning you win, but at the end you lose more till you get involve in unnecessary situation and action, as her she robbed a bank and caused a single parent to almost dead. There is cause and effect of every action. At the beginning itself, try to reduce the damage. She been warned not gamble again, but she carried on. Sometimes, they are signs around us but ignore most of the time, in real life too.  the character of being bold and direct is normal after going through a divorce od relationship breakdown, that is what a strong woman turn into . Even though, she is a actor but in her real life, that who she has become. The ultimate truth was told by her that no one cares. Stop been embarrass and worry what other might say.  Other than that, no matter how screw up you do in life tell to your family members because they are the only one will be able to help and will never let go your hand. 

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