Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Overcoming A Divorce

Going through a divorce is so difficult if the other party doesn't co-operate. It turns out to be  a hell of time. Sometimes to be out from the relationshiop is so difficult. The person will hunt and manipulate you till you cripple. No way to escape and the society wont even help you. As even they don't want to involve in this messy situation. The end you are left a lone to resolve this issue with emotional, health and mental breakdown.  It is called depression. It goes even difficult if you have a newborn child with you.  My only advice is get a gud lawyer who will standby you when all chaos occur. Pray as much as you can because only Lord can help you. Trust no one and take care of your job, health and finance. This journey is going to be tough but fight now then later. Stand for your yourself , don't defeat. This narcissist ppl are the worst to deal with. The best solution is ignore each thing he said before because all is a liar and fake. he doesn't care about anyone. he is a selfish person. there is no way out rather than cut-off from all communication.

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