Tuesday, 20 June 2017


We girl has been thought to dream that there is prince charming who will wiped out all our misery and build a beautiful house and will have lovely family. But the reality kicks in the day we get marry.
 What seem so wonderful starts showing off the true colour and character. We are married and  we will do whatever to safe this marriage. sometime, makes me wonder why we are so na├»ve and stupid to have such believe of happy family. even though, we work so hard to provide emotionally physically contribution to is no appreciation. MIL is  another topic. She makes her son get married and will do wonders to break the marriage. On what basis you make your son to marry. If you want a grandchild, make your son to sleep with another woman and get ride of her and keep the childlah.  No need to get your son to get married then.
It makes me thinks why there is so much of chaos everywhere. There is so much issue going on . Why our own creates more problem to us. The definition of true love doesn't exist in current world. Being truthful and honesty is not require to stay alive in this world. Your own and surrounding will take advantage of you.   For this century, the only way to stay alive is being grateful of small little thing you have with you. Having a companion doesn't make you happy but in the other hand produce stress and limit your capacity. Self care, self respect and self honesty is the new way of living.
Lastly, prayers is the only protection available for us all time.


  1. Hmm sorry to hear. Life is full of surprises and everyone has different things to endure. As real as this bad time is, so was the good time. 3 important moment in life : young-adult-old age, we are always unprepared. Stay strong!


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